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Employement processes are made by the abilities of candidates via following;

  1. Local newspapers
  2. E-Mail adresses
  3. Our Websites
  4. KARIYER.NET portal

Our HR department and heads of the other departments consider the applications, decide the available applications and make a team of job interview.
By that, we start employement process.

We look for following abilities on every single candidates;

  1. Being available to teamwork
  2. Communication & Co-Operation skills
  3. Having the same work etique
  4. Ability for individual improvement
  5. Sharing of information.

Without the beginning of social insurance, employees don’t start working actively.
We support internships for different departments about producing. By that we aim to have personnel with experience.
The area of work in our company is always kept clean and hygenic to make a suitable living area.
We have disabled staff in different deperatmens. We believe every success comes with ambition.